Priceline Review

Priceline is a website that helps people find travel offers, including hotels, airlines, and cruise ships, provided by other travel companies. By combining resources, Priceline users can create their own vacation packages.

Some of the reviews we saw on Google search were:

They will not refund your money. We lost $300 dollars during the pandemic. Do your research and never USE PRICELINE. They all say the same thing “unfortunately we cannot do anything”. Careless Company!

“I booked a hotel room through Priceline I arrive at the property they want an additional cost deposit for incidentals I called Priceline trying to get a refund it’s been a week and a half now of these games that we can’t get a hold of the hotel and such bullshit do not use Priceline”

This site will never get any money from me again. I originally booked a flight for my mother and two children using Priceline in late November 2. The next morning November 3rd I was advised I would not get my daughter’s passport in time. I literally played cat and mouse that day for more than six hours just to have someone call me back to have her ticket canceled. I even had to email the two executives. Someone did call me back from their office. I had to call back again because I never got an updated email with the itinerary. Just for me to go back in it a little over 24 hours before the flight for it to keep telling me the entire trip was canceled

Bad service
“I literally had clicked book and after they took my money they told me my flight was booked. Trying to get through to customer service was literally like pulling teeth. They had been absolutely no help what so ever. The automated machine “Trying to help” is bad. My whole overall experience is bad. I only give them one star because I can’t give them less. They say funds will be returned in 1-3 business days but it’s quick enough when paying for it right? So stupid.”

Priceline Information

Company Name: Priceline
Year Founded: 1998
Address: 800 Connecticut Ave.
City: Norwalk
State/Province: CT
Postal Code: 06854
Country: United States
Phone: (877) 477-5807

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