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Airbnb was created in 2008 and helps travelers around the world find inexpensive, exclusive accommodations. A stay online or via the Airbnb mobile app can be booked or identified. Experiences like tours and events can also be booked.

Here are some reviews we saw from Google Search:

I had one other Airbnb experience that was not a good experience, so I was very nervous about renting again for any vacation. But I took a chance. The rental was presented relatively clean and in order, although the carpets were still wet, but didn’t appear to have been shampooed recently. Maybe a spill or something from the prior guests. No big deal, it dried fast. I am not sure what was happening with the guests in the front unit, but it was not a safe situation upon arrival. Immediately we had parking problems because our designated spot in the garage was unavailable because the front unit renters were parked in the middle of the garage taking up the entire garage thereby not leaving room for our vehicle. However, I contacted the owners, they were responsive, kind, helpful, and immediately fixed the situation, and that alone made up for any parking issues or other renters inconsideration.

My husband and I decided to celebrate our 1st year marriage anniversary by booking a European vacation for the late summer of 2020. We began booking accommodations in January 2020 such as outgoing flights (we are going to two countries so we booked separate flights depending on price), we also booked our Airbnb’s for our Rome, Italy, and Barcelona, Spain stays. I was pretty sure that I only searched for bookings that had flexible cancellations and from what I understood they did. At the come end of February, we start getting worried but our trip is still at the end of August so we were hopeful. Since we still planned to make our trip we just let time pass and hoped we would not have to cancel and that by then we’d be able to go.

As a traveler, I’ve had good experiences with the hosts & properties: and when I had a bait & switch situation, Airbnb immediately assisted me and I was refunded the next day. Overall, once you understand the system, you will probably not use anything else. However, it is not like the hotel circuits, and the hosts are not wealthy business moguls (as a rule). This is more like a hostel situation since 9.5 times out of 10 you will be sharing a bathroom with several other rooms but you’ll sometimes also have things like a full kitchen, food that the host brought or someone else left, and free washer/dryers. My impression of reading the first several items on here re Airbnb is that people have jumped here to complain without having any real feedback from Airbnb, or having looked through the TOC or FAQ even.

I had the worst experience at Judy cottage in Atlanta. I used Airbnb for the first time and didn’t understand the review process and how it worked. The owner of the property had reviewed us in such detail that you can tell they had hidden cameras. This is what happens when you have companies allowing people to regulate and then not following up to see if they did the right thing. I was violated and there is nothing I am able to do about it but make a complaint that will probably go nowhere. Horrible experience I had with Roaches and infestation and violations of my privacy. Will never use Airbnb again.

I had a very negative experience the first time I used Airbnb as a guest. However, this was over 1 year ago so I decided to give it another shot. I booked a house for 30 days-extended stays, and it was wonderful: clean, private, and the owners left a welcome gift. Absolutely amazing! (I did pay a significant amount of money for it, but I was looking for cleanliness and comfort in the middle of the pandemic). After this, I wasn’t able to book the same place for another 30 days so I had to look for another place. I decided to continue using Airbnb since this experience had been perfect (I also paid a significant amount of money for the second place, it wasn’t one of the cheaper properties). As soon as I arrived at the new place (which had good reviews) I realized I had made a huge mistake.

This is the first time that I have used Airbnb for a stay. I had a trip planned and two days before I was to travel. The house that I had reserved had flood damage. The company that managed the property at the location contacted me and gave me a selection of other houses to choose from that they managed in the area. Not finding a suitable house that would accommodate my group, I contacted Airbnb and explained the situation. This was on a Friday morning. I talked to three Airbnb customer support agents throughout the day and had to explain the situation every time I called. Each support agent said they would call me back in 2-3 hours but never did, so I had to call back.

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