Enjoying Maldives Holiday through Music and Dance

One of the world-class destinations for a wonderful holiday in the Maldives. The island, however, is not only revered for its tropical elegance, but it is also renowned for its fabulous dances and songs.

The beautiful islands of the Maldives have so much to say when it comes to an entertainment-filled holiday. Learn more about the most common form of music dance in the Maldives and find out how you can rock and roll during your holiday in the Maldives!

Bodu Beru

The Maldives is famous for its rich culture and tradition, and how people celebrate and enjoy life flows through the richness of its history. With their most popular form of folk dance and music, the Bodu Beru, one of their most popular forms of celebration is carried out. This could be enjoyed on the Maldives’ populated islands. Visit one of them and get involved with the people of the Maldives as they dance and sing their favorite folk music enthusiastically.

Bolimalaafath Neshun

Watch this famous folk dance dance by the Maldivian women as they depict their old custom of offering their Sultan presents on various festive occasions, such as the popular Eid Festival.

Bandiyaa Jehun

Due to the growing popularity of Indian and Western pop music, many traditional songs and dance forms have died out. However, Bandiyaa Jehun of the Maldives Island remained strong and people place and acknowledge its own significance, not only the Maldivians, but also visitors and globe trotters.

Dhandi Jehun

Whenever they see a group of 30 men dancing the famous dance form of Maldives Island, the Dhandi Jehun, tourists from different nations and different nationalities become one. This folk dance is popular because the performance varies and the style changes and the performers perform depending on which island.

Fathigandu Jehun

Following an adventure-filled saying on the island, one of the most popular activities most tourists in the Maldives do is to go to one of the cabarets or bars that stage the popular genre of folk music, the Fathigandu Jehun. The Fathigandu Jehun is basically a stage music show for all-men, and this can only be enjoyed at night time.

Kadhaa Maali

In the southern part of Thiladhunmathi Atoll, many tourists visit Kulhudhuffushi just to witness a spectacular performance by the Maldivian people as they dance and sing the famous Kadhaa Maali. What is shocking is that no one knows where this ancient folk dance and music originated and how it began.

Gaa Odi Lava

In addition to the beauty that is worth exploring, the culture and tradition of the Maldives must also be discovered and one way to do this is to see how the Maldivians offer thanks to their God for the rewarding outcome of their hard manual labor. Via their Gaa Odi Lava, this is done.


This influential folk music, one of the first foreigners to recognize the beauty of the island in the mid 17th century, was introduced to the Maldivians by the Gulf Arabs.


Langiri is a performance introduced to the Maldivians at the beginning of the 20th century during Sultan Shamsuddin III’s sovereignty. Langiri is adapted to the Maldivian taste, giving rise to the Langiri performance’s popularity these days.

Only 9 of the many music and dance forms in the Maldives are the folk dance and music forms listed above. These are truly spices to make your holiday in the Maldives a memorable one!