Maldives Holiday Packing Guide

All travel documents are safely stored in an envelope the night before you leave; your reservation at a hotel somewhere in the Maldives is confirmed; and everything is practically set, except your baggage! You have been planning your trip carefully for months, but you have somehow forgotten to pack your luggage.

Imagine happening to you in this case. The trip hasn’t begun yet, but you’ve run into an issue already. What a way to get your vacation underway! Well, you’re probably going to solve this seemingly simple problem. At the end of the tunnel, after all, there is a sun, but not after many hours of worrying and searching for the things that you should bring that should have been prepared days before. The argument is simple, stressing everything, including the stuff that will fill your pocket.

When packing for a holiday, here are some tips to remember:

Travel light, not because a smaller bag is easier to carry, but because it can be a real challenge at the airport to carry too much weight. Airline carriers have a legal weight limit on both check-in and carry-on luggage – any extra weight you carry must be paid for. The size of your bag should be considered, too. You may not be carrying too much weight, but you may have to buy a new one right at the airport or leave with none at all if your bag is bigger than the set size.

Different airline carriers have different policies about the baggage’s acceptable weight and scale. Be sure to have it checked before you leave.

Wisely pack

This is not a problem for males at all, since they can only live with an extra pair of shorts and shirts. But packing for a vacation is a whole different story for women.

It’s almost strange that women love to hold anything in their bags that can fit.

And if there’s no space for other items any more, they’re going to take another bag and try to fill it to its limits.

But basic rules apply regardless of gender: carry just the stuff you need and leave all that’s unnecessary.

So leave your formal dress in your closet, forget your high-heel shoes and leave your blower behind. You’re going to a beach resort.

Rather than folding your clothes, roll
This saves space for you and decreases unnecessary wrinkles.

If you are traveling, you probably have at least 1 check-in bag and 1 carry-on bag. Describe what stuff goes to which bag.

Take note: your carry-on bag should be filled with substantial travel papers, a collection of clean clothing, essential medicines, and other items without which you can not survive.

The rest of your stuff goes to your luggage for check-in. About why? While inside the terminal, bags can get lost on their way to the plane, so you have to make sure that the most important items are right next to you.

Create a checklist

There is no shame in admitting that stuff can be overlooked. Who hasn’t? Using a checklist to ensure that you have all the items you need already planned.

You can’t blame anybody, after all, for not remembering the things that you should have taken with you.

In addition, using a checklist will help you remove things that you don’t really need in the event that something doesn’t fit inside your pocket.

Before you leave the resort at the end of your holiday, use your checklist.