Seeking the Perfect Kayaking in Seward, Alaska

Seeking the Perfect Kayaking in Seward, Alaska

Alaska is a magnificent state that longs to be explored. With stunning mountain scenery, spectacular landscapes, and crystal clear lakes and streams, it’s no wonder that Alaska has become a top vacation spot in the United States. Alaska also provides the perfect opportunity to experience kayaking, especially in the area of Seward. You are not likely to find a better spot for kayaking anywhere in the world! Here you will discover something you only dreamed of seeing as you paddle across the calm and tranquil waters of Seward on your kayaking trip.

Lowell Point, situated within the majestic Resurrection Harbor, is a prime location in Seward for great kayaking. Here you can find plentiful wildlife and marine animals along the shoreline of Caines Head State Recreation Area.

You’re likely to spot bald eagles flying overhead, sea lions perched atop the jagged rocks that peek out from under the water, and grizzly bears as they feast on the leaping salmon inhibiting the creeks and streams of Lowell Point.

Another popular place for kayaking in Seward is Fox Island. Fox Island is said to be one of the best sea kayaking locations in the world, and for very good reason.

Located about 14 miles from Seward, Fox Island is an area of natural beauty and wonder. This is an area you thought you would only see on the discovery channel! You’ll find long, sandy beaches that extend for miles and inhibited rainforest, and picture-perfect cliffs and coves along the shoreline. Fox Island is famous for catching glimpses of a whale, as they peer out from under the water to say hello to fellow kayakers. Falcons and puffins soar in the blue sky, setting the ideal backdrop for photography.

Kenai Fjords National Park offers the ultimate kayaking experience for those wanting to see natural Alaskan glaciers or get in some whale watching. Whales are known to reside just under the glaciers in the tranquil water, and sometimes leap between the waves as if to put on a show for the kayakers. The nearby glaciers provide the perfect pedestal for sea otters, sea lions, beavers, and other wildlife living in the area. They never seem to be disturbed by the passing kayaks, so be sure to take a shot of these majestic creatures when you have the chance. Kenai Fjords is the ideal spot for a kayaking trip if you are only visiting Seward for a short time, as it can easily be explored by kayak in one day.

A quick search of the internet will provide you with a list of Seward kayak tour companies and their prices.

The average cost of a one-day kayaking excursion via Seward is about $125. Most tours will include everything you need for your kayaking experience, as well as lunch or dinner included in the bill. Be sure to select a tour that can suit your level of physical capacity. Although most anyone of any skill level can participate in the kayaking tours, some of the waters of Seward appear to be rough and harder to paddle through. Keep in mind when selecting your tour and venue.