Nude Kayaking; Experiencing the Water Outside of a Shower!

Nude Kayaking; Outside of a Tub, enjoying the spray!

Braving the “au naturel” waters is something that we generally dream about doing when we take a shower or soak in a bath. But have you ever had the sensation of doing something unforgettable and crazy? Do you enjoy water and the outdoors? If both of these questions are answered yes, then you might just be the right person to experience nude kayaking. After all, it is an excursion that in your lifetime is not likely to be forgotten!

Even if you have no kayaking experience, but still want to try this daring approach to fun and good times, you have absolutely nothing to hold you back – except your clothing, maybe. Kayaking is an activity considered suitable for individuals of all ages and levels of skill. No physical exertion is required (provided that the weather cooperates) and some would even consider it a relaxing experience. If you’re able to paddle your way through the water wearing your birthday suit, with that worry out of the way, then all you need to know now is where to go to experience this thrill.

For those wanting to try out nude kayaking, the Paddling Bares Canoe Club in New Jersey is an excellent resource.

“The club refers to itself as “kayakers and canoeists who are naturists as well.” First of all, the club strongly emphasizes protection, so no alcohol is allowed on any trip and sexual activity is strictly forbidden. Hiking and overnight camping are some of their trips, but these additions typically involve spending time somewhere secluded and legal for nude sex – so you may not have the luxury of showers or toilets and might be in the midst of some scary wildlife. You will first need to complete an application and submit a check to take part in the club’s nude outdoor adventures; they will then provide you with updates on upcoming trips.

For your nude kayaking trip, if you can fly abroad, then Crete, Greece is the ideal place.

Located in Europe along the Mediterranean Sea, Crete offers a safe haven and a calming environment for those who want to kayak naked. By paddling through the waters of Crete’s narrow passageways, you can encounter a trip through some of Greece’s most fascinating history. In addition to nude kayaking, at their many nudist resorts, Crete also offers nude tourists the opportunity to scuba dive, water ski, and enjoy many other outdoor water sports. On nude kayaking trips to Greece, you will find some fantastic package offers, some starting as low as $2000 for a week-long adventure!

The Baja Peninsula in Mexico, if you head south of the border, is another great place to experience kayaking while enjoying the “cool breezes.”

This is a popular destination for all lovers of kayaking, but you will find resorts and trips specifically aimed at nude adventures. The Baja Peninsula not only offers some excellent kayaking, but you can also enjoy nude snorkeling, scuba diving, hiking, fishing, and whale watching (although this unique activity can not be performed in the nude).