Where to Take a Guided Kayaking Tour in San Diego

Where to take a San Diego Guided Kayaking Tour

North America has many outstanding opportunities for white water kayaking. Detailed kayaking data is provided by guide books. Inside these guide books, you will find the duration of the journey, complexity or ability level, conditions to be anticipated and more. There are several guide books on white water kayaking online. Here are a few of those that are popular.

Whitewater of the Appalachians: The Southern States

White water kayakers will discover a wide range of riverways in the Appalachian Mountains. This guide book covers rivers in Alabama, Georgia, South Carolina, North Carolina, Tennessee, Kentucky, Virginia, Maryland, and West Virginia.

Data sheets provide easy details for readers, including difficulty levels, water levels, rating, length, USGS quads, hazards, and more. Along with diagrams of select rapids, comprehensive river maps are given.

Whitewater of the Appalachians: The Northern States

In this section of the Appalachain Mountain sequence, sixty eight rivers are included. Comprehensive narratives tell white water kayakers what to expect in the area when kayaking. Rivers in Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont, Connecticut, Massachusetts, New York, Maryland, Pennsylvania and West Virginia are included.

As with other books in this series, this guide book provides fast information on data, maps and quick details that are noteworthy.

Classics Of Whitewater

Whitewater Classics features destinations for white water kayaking from Alaska to Mexico. The book is an enjoyable read and a good reference guide for biographies of the top kayakers and a story about each of the fifty featured rivers. This guide was authored by Tyler Williams. The top kayakers selected included rivers.

The Definitive Whitewater Kayaking Guide

This comprehensive and detailed white water kayaking guide covers everything from basics for beginners to advanced techniques. In depth, selecting gear, paddling, protection, rescue, and more are covered. Ken Whiting and Kevin Varrette, the authors, are renowned and respected white water kayaking experts.

Whitewater Paddling: Principles and Strokes

In this comprehensive guide, author Eric Jackson covers paddle position and movement, boat position and movement, and more. Over 80 pictures demonstrate the skills and approaches covered. The material is divided into 16 lessons. There is coverage for both flat water and swift water kayaking.

In California, The Finest Whitewater

California is home to white water that is more available than anywhere else in the world. Writers Lars Holdbek and Chuck Stanley cover areas of white water, from fun to flat-out terrifying. There are comprehensive maps and photos given. The 180 runs are individually shielded.

The rivers featured include the following: American River, Bear River, Carson River, Cosumnes River, Eel River, Feather River, Kaweah River, Kern River, Kings River, Klamath River, Mad River, Merced River, Mokelumne River, Ruolumne River, Russian River, Sacramento River, Salmon River, San Joaquin River, Sespe River, Scott River, Smith River, Stansilaus River, Trinity River, Truckee River, Tute River, Walker River,

River Guide to the Grand Canyon

The white water kayaking guide for the Grand Canyon River covers 288 miles of water. The Colorado River is protected by Buzz Belknap and Loie Belknap Evans from Lees Ferry, Arizona to Lake Mead by both the Marble Canyon and Grand Canyon. The book, completely illustrated with images and diagrams, covers specifics that white water kayakers need to know, as well as fascinating natural history and geological facts.

Guide to the AMC Classic Northeastern Whitewater

The master whitewater kayaker, Bruce Lessels, offers extensive details on New England and New York white water for both beginners and experts. Readers can find a river chart inside this guide book, assistance with trip planning, protection, and paddling, maps detailing access areas, rapids, river ranking, and gradient.

It includes rivers in New York, New Hampshire, Vermont, Maine, Connecticut, Massachusetts, and Rhode Island.

In North America, white water kayaking opportunities prevail. To prepare the ideal white water kayaking trip, enthusiasts can use the data provided in guide books.