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Burgenland, Austria
Burgenland is a very prolonged state, it is 166 km long from north to south but much narrower from west to east, in one place only 5km. It is divided into seven districts, but for this Travel & Tourism Guide, it will first be divided it into larger regions, called Northern Burgenland, Mid Burgenland and Southern Burgenland.

Burgenland Tourist Attractions and Landmarks

Road of the Castles
Originally built as some sort of defense against the Osmanic and Magyar threat from the east. It starts in mid-Burgenland and goes right down to the most southern place in eastern Styria.

Castles arranged from North to South;

Burg Bernstein, 13th century
 A small castle in Bernstein, which was owned by families like Batthyány and Almásy, you will find a small hotel, a restaurant and a nice garden, which is open to visitors. The Castle is very ancient with big rooms and a knight's hall.


Burg Forchtenstein
Burgenland means "Land of Castles," and Burg Forchtenstein may be the biggest and baddest fortress in the province.

Burg Lockenhaus, 13th century
A stronghold and knight's castle situated in Lockenhaus, with knight's saloon, frescos and a subterranean apsis hall. The knight's hall is regularly used for chamber music festivals and big stylish weddings. The hotel has ancient apartments, a wedding suite, a tavern and other features.

Burg Schlaining, 13th century
The Austrian Study Centre for Peace and Conflict Resolution is situated here, as well as the European Museum of Peace. In the village Stadtschlaining you will find a medieval heart, churches, and a synagogue. Burg Schlaining Castle has a remarkable medieval architecture, a knight's saloon, pomposity saloons and a chapel.

Schloss Burgau, 14th century
A former water castle in Burgau (Styria) has, among others, also been in the property of family Batthyàny. It is suitable for concerts, theater, weddings and other festivities. There are also exhibitions of modern art taking place.

Burg Güssing, 12th century
The oldest castle in Burgenland, built around 1157 on an extinct volcano, served as a defence castle against threats from the east. It features an ancestors gallery, cultural items of the renaissance and barock, a restaurant with atmospheric music events and an excellent vinotheque.

Riegersburg, 11th / 17th century
Originally built in the eleventh century, the styrian Riegersburg in the similarly called village has its today face from a renewal in the 17th century. It is lay in eastern Styria, on a 482m high extinct volcano. The Riegersburg features three kilometers of defence walls, eleven bastions and five entries on a 15 hectare big rock plateau. The castle was part of the styrian eastern defence against the osmanic and magyar threats. The Riegersburg, referred to as the strongest fortress of Christianity, with its impressive quality of fortification, remained untaken throughout the history. Since 1822, the castles is owned by baronial family Liechtenstein and is one of the best conserved medieval castles in Europe.

Theaters and Plays

        Seefestspiele Mörbisch
        Passionsspiele Margarethen
        Burgspiele Güssing

Hot Springs / Thermae

There are many hot springs in southern Burgenland and south-eastern Styria, the water for the thermae comes right out of the earth, heated by volcanic activity and is mostly around 36°C, enriched with minerals and very nice to relax in. There will also be offered common wellness services such as solarium, massages, drinks, mudbaths, sauna and others. Often enough there are opportunities to play golf, do horseriding, go bicycling or hiking, do sports.

Hot Springs / Thermae in Burgenland:

        Bad Tatzmannsdorf

National Park Neusiedler See - Seewinkel
Austria's first national park is on Europe's most unusual lake, which is only a meter or two deep in most places. It is a very special one, covering 95 square kilometres of flat plains including the Lake Neusiedler See in the Burgenland, a large steppe lake. It was founded in 1993 and is connected to the Hungarian National Park Fertö-Hansag Nemzeti. The two parks include approximately 300 square kilometres of land.

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