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The Environmental Impacts of Kayaking – Is it Dangerous?

Kayaking’s Environmental Effects – Is it dangerous? You can find one of the country’s best kayaking experiences accessible on Vancouver Island, British Columbia, Canada. This guided kayak tour company, known as Mothership Adventures, goes above and beyond the usual kayak excursion by offering its customers a comfortable trip to the sea aboard the “mothership” Columbia III vessel. You will…

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Beginner’s Guide to Whitewater Kayaking Gear

Whitewater Kayaking Gear Beginner’s Guide The sport of paddling on moving bodies of water, usually rivers, is whitewater kayaking. The experience can range from enjoyable float trips to challenges filled with adrenaline. The same basic gear used by all kayakers is needed for whitewater kayaking. Owing to the weather and other factors involved in whitewater kayaking, gear details vary….

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Where to Take a Guided Kayaking Tour in San Diego

Where to take a San Diego Guided Kayaking Tour North America has many outstanding opportunities for white water kayaking. Detailed kayaking data is provided by guide books. Inside these guide books, you will find the duration of the journey, complexity or ability level, conditions to be anticipated and more. There are several guide books on white water kayaking online….

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Tandem Kayaking; Sharing the Adventure!

Tandem Kayaking; The Adventure Sharing! The kayaks were made to only fit one person when kayaking originally became a common water sport. In a few distinct places, this obviously posed a problem. Second, it didn’t make much conversation possible. If anyone decided to chat about their environment or sights in the vicinity, they either had to scream at the…

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Kayaking Florida Tours & Destinations

Kayaking Tours & Destinations for Florida There are plenty of opportunities to do so, whether you’re looking for a challenge and a chance to test your kayaking skills or just looking to see Florida from another point of view. A good way to see what Florida has to offer is to engage in a reputable kayak tour. Global Wildlife…

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