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Hotels, Vacations & Holidays in Poland, Europe

Holiday Inn Hotel Gdansk - Located opposite the main railway station

Mercure Hevelius Hotel Gdansk - located in the Old Town centre

Novotel Centrum Hotel Gdansk - located about a mile away from the Gdansk Main train station

Novotel Marina Hotel Gdansk - located near the Marine Aquarium and the Naval Museum.

Posejdon Hotel Gdansk - located in the centre of Gdansk within a short distance of all the major attractions

Cracovia Hotel Krakow - situated just a 10 minute walk from Krakow's old town

Demel Hotel Krakow - Located in a quiet residential area, surrounded by greenery and trees

Holiday Inn Hotel Krakow - located close to the historic centre of Krakow

Ibis Hotel Krakow - Close to the town center,approximately 10 minutes from the main railway station

Logos Hotel Krakow - located right next to the old city centre and the plantry park

Novotel Bronowice Hotel Krakow - Located in a quiet and green residential district

Novotel Centrum Hotel Krakow - located within walking distance of the historic centre of Krakow

Orient Hotel Krakow - Located just off one of the main roads with good transport links.

Piast Hotel Krakow - located in the suberbs of karkow and is surrounded by parkland

Rokk Hotel Krakow - located in the suburbs of Krakow

Poland Hotels
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Culture of Poland: Famous People of Poland, Cuisine in Poland, Architecture in Poland, Sports in Poland,

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