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NextGen Trips Europe - Poland Travel & Tourism Guide

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Hotels, Vacations & Holidays in Poland, Europe

Marriott Hotel Warsaw - superbly located in the heart of the business and shopping districts

Mercure Hotel Warsaw - situated in the very heart of Warsaw

Novotel Centrum Hotel Warsaw - ideally situated in the very heart of Warsaws' busy commercial centre

Radisson Sas Centrum Hotel Warsaw - located in the centre of the business district of central Warsaw

Sheraton Hotel Warsaw - located in the heart of the city of Warsaw in the famous diplomatic quarter

Sheraton (tower) Hotel Warsaw - located in the heart of the city of Warsaw in the famous diplomatic quarter

Sofitel Victoria Hotel Warsaw - situated in the heart of the city, convenient for Victory Square

Solec Hotel Warsaw - located in a pleasant and suburbian part of Warsaw near the Virsula river

Vera Hotel Warsaw - located near a main railway station, a bus station and an airport.

Dorint Hotel Wroclaw - located in central Wroclaw, a very short walk from the Old Town Square

Holiday Inn Hotel Wroclaw - Located in central Wroclaw, the old town squeare

Mercure Panorama Hotel Wroclaw - located in the centre of Wroclaw and is close to the river

Novotel Hotel Wroclaw - ocated amidst parks and gardens about five kilometers from the city centre.

Radisson Sas Hotel Wroclaw - located in a quiet part of town next to the National Museum

Wroclaw Hotel Wroclaw - situated only few minutes walk from the centre of Wroclaw

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History of Poland: Poland Prehistory, Piast Dynasty of Poland, Jagiellon Dynasty of Poland, Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth, Partitions of Poland, Reconstitution of Poland, World War II of Poland, Postwar Communist Poland, Democratic Poland, Demographics of Poland, Geography of Poland, Rivers in Poland, Geology of Poland, Mountains & Topography, Lakes in Poland, The Coast of Poland, The Desert of Poland, Land Use of Poland, Flora & Fauna of Poland, Climate of Poland, Government of Poland, Administrative Divisions, Economy of Poland, Religion in Poland, Education in Poland, Telecommunication and IT,
Culture of Poland: Famous People of Poland, Cuisine in Poland, Architecture in Poland, Sports in Poland,

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