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Enjoying Maldives Holiday through Music and Dance

One of the world-class destinations for a wonderful holiday in the Maldives. The island, however, is not only revered for its tropical elegance, but it is also renowned for its fabulous dances and songs. The beautiful islands of the Maldives have so much to say when it comes to an entertainment-filled holiday. Learn more about the most common form…

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Choosing a Maldives Holiday Resort

If you are planning to go for a holiday vacation to the Maldives, before making any final reservation, you definitely have to put some thoughts into your resort collection. On your very first try, here are the ways to get the correct resort: Location. You’ve probably heard this before, particularly when purchasing a house. When choosing a resort, the…

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A Quick Guide to Maldives Holiday

The Maldives is a group of 1192 islands and islets, divided into 26 atolls, situated southwest of the tip of India and extending all the way to the equator. Its turquoise water, white sand beaches, crystalline lagoons, world-class diving and snorkelling locations, pristine tropical islands and unique architecture are displayed in the Maldives, enough to be considered one of…

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Travel Recommendations for Northern India in Winter

India’s geographic location and unusual topography are responsible for the diverse climate of the region. You can expect the climate to be warmer during the summer and colder in the winter if you have plans to visit northern India. You have to take these travel tips for northern India in winter before going there. The northern plains of India…

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The Start of Air Travel Online Success in India

The year 2008 was a milestone for the travel industry in India. More and more international and national players will be the ones responsible for this tremendous opportunity. India’s travel industry is now making use of the internet and can draw many more clients because of this. In particular, the way things are going at present can be very…

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Travel to India and Visit Majestic Mumbai

New York is known in the United States as the ‘capital that never sleeps’. In India, its equivalent is Mumbai. At present, India is among the preferred tourist destinations. Tourists still love to go to this magnificent and enticing country, despite the small problems that emerge in the streets of India. Perhaps because of its glorious history, or perhaps…

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